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Our History

Former Head of Mathematics Department was the  brain behind the establishment of the Department of Computer Science.  The  Department started off in 1977 with 1-year certificate course in Data Processing, which was later changed to a 2-year Diploma programme also in Data Processing. A few  years later, the Department introduced a 3-year degree programme in Computer Science. The Department is the first Department in the country to  start a degree programme in Computer Science and this has been recognized  by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Communication. As such, late 2007,  the Department was presented with an award during the Information  Communication and Technology Award night for being pioneers in Computer Science.

 In 1999, the Department stopped offering the Diploma in Data Processing and the BSc programme changed to a 4-year programme. 

 Our World is immersed in intense technological, financial and political changes, which are re-ordering the rules governing business competition. Information Technology (IT) managers must have the capacity to assimilate new technological changes and transfer strategic processes in Organizations in order to succeed.

 In today’s rapidly changing World, maintaining global competitiveness requires the talents of a well-rounded, holistic individuals with technical knowledge and business acumen to address challenging issues.  The Computer Science Department is unique in developing the skills in Information Technology.  

 Presently the Department of Computer Science performs two main functions, namely academic and the provision of computing services.  In addition, faculty members are involved in various research activities and software development.

 Since the establishment of the Department two decades ago, the Department tops the list of graduates produced since 1962 by the College of Science with a total number of over 4000 graduates in applied sciences.